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Season's Greetings

Dear Customer and Partner,

Christmas is soon here and it’s time to thank all of You for the past year.

2020 really was a unique year and for us Ahola Groups 65th anniversary year turned out quite different than planned. Due to the Corona pandemic, we were unfortunately not able to celebrate with any major events, however, we are grateful for how well the year went given the circumstances.

Our operations have continued basically normally throughout the year, thanks in no small part to our drivers who have carefully followed restrictions and recommendations and delivered in all conditions. A large part of our office staff has also had to get used to a new everyday life with distance working. We are grateful for the flexibility and adaptability shown by the staff, thanks to this we have been able to keep the wheels turning without interruption.

A big thank you to You for the cooperation during the past year. We look forward to providing You with even better services in the coming years. Take care of Yourselves and Your loved ones.

We wish You a Merry Christmas and a Successful new year 2021!

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